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The Best Authentic German Bakery in Minneapolis

The Best Authentic German Bakery In Minneapolis

Aki’s BreadHaus

In the midst of Oktoberfest season—now a worldwide trend no longer reserved for Munich—it’s only appropriate I share my favorite German bakery. In the Twin Cities, most steins of beer this month seem to be accompanied by one of Aki’s famed pretzels, and for good reason. Located in Minneapolis’ Northeast neighborhood, Aki’s BreadHaus is as authentic as it gets. With floor to ceiling windows facing bustling Central Avenue, the small storefront has a stark, clean design punctuated with a few tables and cases of traditional baked goods, from apple streusels to soft pretzels of all shapes and sizes. I’m a big fan of not-too-sweet German-style pastries, and Aki’s muffin-sized bread pudding, lemon-glazed poppy seed rolls and cardamom-scented sweet rolls fit the bill. There’s also a daily selection of freshly baked breads, from sunflower rye to dark sourdough. The bakery’s smell is infectious, good luck getting out of there without more than you had intended.



2506 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418


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