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Doug Flicker Revives Neighborhood Dive Bar with Excellent Food

Doug Flicker Revives Neighborhood Dive Bar With Excellent Food

Bull’s Horn Food & Drink

Minneapolis has no shortage of throwback dive bars that embrace a no-frills come-as-you-are vibe, with self-service popcorn machines and cheap drinks. Even with a faint hint of stale cigarette smoke lingering, the nostalgia keeps the bar stools filled. The problem is, most of them don’t—or can’t—serve food beyond a frozen Heggie’s pizza or bag of Frito Lays. At the newly opened Bull’s Horn Food & Drink in South Minneapolis, you’ll find the best of both worlds. The neighborhood rejoiced when they heard local food hero Doug Flicker and his wife Amy Greeley bought the old Sunrise Inn with plans to keep the ambiance but add a menu of from-scratch bar classics, and the lines haven’t died down since the doors opened. The menu is exactly what you might expect from a corner bar—wings, burgers, fried bologna sandwiches, Friday fish fries and kids TV trays. This is a different side of Flicker that couldn’t be farther removed from the genius tasting menus of the dearly departed Piccolo, and I’m totally fine with that. From the dill pickle fried chicken to the roast beef sandwich, it’s all great, but I can’t stop thinking about that burger. A thin-ish Peterson beef patty topped with special sauce, American cheese, iceberg lettuce and pickles, on a squishy, milk-enriched, buttered and griddled bun. With a side of skinny shoestring fries and slaw, it’s uncomplicated and perfect, no chef-y additions needed. And if you haven’t tried Flicker’s fancier burger at Esker Grove, run, don’t walk.



4563 South 34th Avenue
Minneapolis, MN, 55406


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