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Flaky Croissants & Savory Scones at My Neighborhood Bakery

Flaky Croissants & Savory Scones At My Neighborhood Bakery

Honey & Rye

Located less than a mile from the office, Honey & Rye has been a favorite since it opened four years ago. All of our carb-loving dreams came true when that retro-era corner dry cleaners transformed into a neighborhood bakery. It’s not a run-of-the-mill bakehouse or one that stocks its cases with trendy confections like cake pops and cronut knock-offs—baker and owner Anne Andrus thankfully sticks to perfecting the classics. My box of mixed pastries usually includes a few cheddar-black pepper scones, flaky almond croissants, ham and gruyere croissants, slices of coffee cake and banana bread, spicy ginger cookies and spongy madeleines. The sweet and savory combo is the easiest way to coax a smile out of my employees on a Monday morning. Their breads are by far the best in the neighborhood, they bake a few mainstays like baguettes and a dense rye, as well as rotating specials like honey challah and soft pretzels. At lunchtime, order the Lowry Hill Meats ham, gruyere and Hope Butter jambon beurre Parisian classic on their beautiful baguette or any of the house made soups that are available that day…. and maybe pick up an all-butter-crust pie for dessert. If you live close, you may want to consider treating yourself to their “daily pastry gold card”—one pastry, every day, all year long.



4501 Excelsior Boulevard
St. Louis Park, MN 55416


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