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Finally, a Worthy Bagel in the Twin Cities from Rise Bagel Co.

Finally, A Worthy Bagel In The Twin Cities From Rise Bagel Co.

Rise Bagel Co.

The Twin Cities are my second home, and I love living here, but over the years there’s been one gaping hole in the food scene and it was bagel shaped. As a Jewish kid from New York, I’m admittedly picky when it comes to bagels, and there wasn’t a worthy one in town I could sink my teeth into until Rise Bagel Co. came along a few years ago. From farmers markets to a newly opened brick-and-mortar shop in Minneapolis’ North Loop, Rise specializes in old-world, artisan bagels that are utterly delicious—the perfect balance of a chewy inside and crispy exterior. I usually go for the classic salmon gravlax with cream cheese, onion and capers or the breakfast sandwich with egg, cheddar and bacon on an everything bagel, of course. Owners and sisters Jen and Kate Lloyd are, in their own words, “filling a hole” in our bagel scene, and I can confidently speak on behalf of the city when I say that we are incredibly happy to have them.


530 North 3rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401



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