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Impeccable French Tavern Fare at St. Genevieve

Impeccable French Tavern Fare At St. Genevieve

St. Genevieve

I’ve often said that one of Minneapolis’ greatest assets in the food scene is chef Steven Brown, and his newest addition, St. Genevieve, is a testament to that. A Parisian-style buvette, it’s one of a slew of new restaurants in Minneapolis celebrating familiar, yet reinvented French fare—proof that the classics never go out of style. Brown nailed the sophisticated, but comfortable atmosphere, complete with marble-topped bistro tables and a zinc bar lined with ice-filled troughs for champagne. Like Brown’s first restaurant, Tilia, this French tavern is designed to be simultaneously family-friendly and worthy of a special occasion.

The open-faced tartine of choice presents a leveled-up bistro classic—the croque madame—stacked with jambon royal from local salumist Red Table Meats, gooey raclette cheese and a sunny side up egg. Another must-order small plate is the foie gras mousse, served with buttery brioche, rhubarb and tart pickled cherry. Larger plates include traditional favorites like the peppercorn-laden steak au poivre, as well as dishes with an interesting twist, like scallops with soy beurre blanc and sesame-lime vinaigrette. Don’t skip dessert—éclairs have never tasted so good.



5003 Bryant Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55419


Photograph from St. Genevieve on Facebook


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