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Andrew Zimmern’s Weekly Chinese Food Fix

Andrew Zimmern’s Weekly Chinese Food Fix

Szechuan Spice

Of all the great regional Chinese cuisines, Sichuan food holds a special place in my heart. While we don’t have as many great Chinese restaurants as I would like in Minnesota, we do have a few that absolutely blow me away and Szechuan Spice in Uptown is one of them. It’s best to go with a few friends so you can try a wide array of dishes. I’d suggest starting with the Szechuan cold noodles, sautéed cucumbers and spicy bamboo tips, then moving on to the gui chow beef, double cooked pork and ma po tofu—their version is the most authentic rendition in Minneapolis. The one thing I can never get enough of is the sautéed sliced fish with mixed pickled vegetables. It’s spicy and loaded with umami flavor from the fermented vegetables and chili bean sauce that make up the backbone of the dish. It’s one of the single best plates of food in town. So, what we might lack in quantity of great Chinese restaurants, I think we might make up for with quality.


3016 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408


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